• MarServices NEWS

    MarServices NEWS

    CRM Trainer Course

    We have open space available for our CRM Train the Trainer Course from 29.06.-03.07.2015.

    Find more information on this course here!

  • Scheduled Courses

    Scheduled Courses

    CRM Initial:13.04.-15.04.2015
    CRM Refresher:16.04.2015
    HF High Risk:08.06.-10.06.2015


  • IS-BAO Certification

    IS-BAO Certification

    MarServices® GmbH is specialized in the IS-BAO Industry Standard which is the internationally recognized best practice for Business Aviation operations and all ICAO regulated organizations.

    We will provide consultation, implementation, auditing, training and certification services.

  • Human Factors

    Human Factors

    MarServices® GmbH offers HF Training for all High Risk Branches. All of our experts are very experienced professional aviators, psychologists and flight surgeons with years of experience in training and teaching Human Factors.

    Our experts are capable of transfering their know-how to your field of operation and individual needs.

  • Risk Management

    Risk Management

    Risk Management is one of the major disciplines in modern integrated management systems that organizations implement for increased efficiency, reputation and value. For any aviation organization risk shall be managed to be kept at an acceptabel level.

    Our proven Risk Management Process will ensure and enhance safety in your operation without compromising efficiency.

MarS Aviation Services

MarServices® GmbH offers a wide variety of Aviation Consulting and Training Services. We are specialized in Aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS) supporting ICAO, IS-BAO and EASA international standards and requirements. Our qualified auditors are certified according to the IS-BAO Industry Standard for SMS implementation, training and certification. Additionally we provide Aviation Risk Management Services and Human Factors Training.

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